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Oct.  2000

Drop your HVAC-operating costs to a minimum
- push and maximize your profit!
Save money!

Our speciality
is the technology of cooling building components, like steel panel ceilings or plaster (board) ceilings, and the heating within the same ceiling system – just with far higher temperatures.

in summer time we combine the traditional HVAC-system with the cooled ceiling (see the scheme).
In winter time we switch over the main valve and the same ceiling heats.

Result no. 1:
The traditional HVAC system is reduced to a minimum - the hourly air change of c. 2 times per hour! (Contrary to former hourly air change of at least 4-5 times per hour or uneven higher!)

Result no. 2:
the operating costs are considerable dropped by reducing the hourly & yearly power input (see chart below).

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This way,
combining the conventional HVAC System with the radiant cooling ceiling, you get a climatisation system which is perfectly corresponding to the ideal of an old british butler:
"You don't see him, you don't hear him, but whenever you need him he is present - and very economical in consumption".

But never more it is corresponding to the former ideal
"If you don't hear it, if you don't feel it, there must be something wrong!"

To assist you in the consulting of your client we created and developed a brand new calculation program which does a first technical & financial comparison of the traditional and conventional HVAC Systems to our system design, HVAC plus cooled ceiling.

calculation program can give you also a general idea about the costs of traditional HVAC systems and the new one´s inclusive the calculation for amortization / repayment.

Of course the costs of construction are a little bit higher for the new system but the amortization or repayment will be finished after an average term of 2 or 2 and a half years.

To do the calculations - free for you - we need the projects´ design fundamentals.

For that
we designed a separate Excel 97 workbook for you

A to download
B to complete afterwards at best guess


C to send it back to us as an Email-attachement

On the other hand the same workbook and its manual "Readme 1st.doc" is also enabled for you to be opened ONLINE and to be saved on your home computer (follow the link above). Later on you can send it back to us via Email too.

We guarantee our Re-Mail inclusive

- a calculation of costs + repayment
- a comment of our calculation

within 48 hours.

What do you think now about saving energy?

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