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Source:  Clina Heiz- und Kühlelemente GmbH (Ltd.), Berlin
capillary tubing system for/in chilled steel ceilings

Today's demands on the air conditioning of modern buildings are very high. Draught exclusion, low space and energy requirements, noiselessness, and low maintenance costs are just some of the requirements that conventional air conditioning plants do not meet.

Capillary tubing systems remedy these defects. The water-carrying capillary mats are installed just beneath the room enclosing surfaces, and thus allow for gentle cooling or heating of walls, floors, and ceilings. The transmission of energy from people to the activated surfaces takes place mainly via radiation - a process which is in accordance with the thermal economy processes of the human body. Consequently, there is evidence to show that people feel well in rooms that are cooled or heated applying capillary tubing systems, and their productivity increases.