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Our engineer’s office covers the whole planning & designing effort for heating-, refrigeration-, air-conditioning-, and sanitary (public health) technologies.

We see your project through from the first consultation via the whole planning to the expert building site supervision.

At the moment, the IBS engineer’s office has a regular staff of three freelance engineers.
This means that our upper limit is a total production cost of about 15 - 20 million DM
(7.5 - 10 million US $). We do also larger projects in collaboration with further engineer’s offices.

Due to its flexible structure, the IBS engineer’s office is able to offer you interesting conditions.

Our speciality is the technology of cooling building components, like steel panel ceilings or plaster (board) ceilings, and the heating within the same ceiling system – just with far higher temperatures.

Please, feel free to contact us.

We will support you efficiently at all special branches of building supply technologies in all "house technique" projects, both in new houses and in old building renovation.

At least,
should you as the client want to assign not only the planning but also its execution to the IBS, this will be no problem for us.

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