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Our aim is ....
  • to put an end to noisy, drafty and energy wasting air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

  • not to cool the building and refresh the air only by conventional hvac-systems.

  • to cool the building by capillary mats.

  • to secure only the necessary hygenical hourly air change by the hvac-system.

  • to drop your operating costs to a minimum.

  • to save energy and

  • to save your money by that.

  • to get an unsurpassable clima into your rooms and buildings.

  • to get your order for design, layout engineering & site management.

  • to prevent you from throwing your money down the drain!

  • to get the best technology into your own or your client´s building.

Follow this link to get an impression of
how the system works.

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PS 1: Should you as the client want to assign not only the planning but also its execution to the IBS, this will be no problem for us.
PS 2: Expand your advertising - add the following :
The calculation of our AC-System is only based on german standard (and in case of PS 1) designed & planned by german qualified engineers and built by german skilled wokers.